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    Here at Deliverance Headquarters for All People, it is our desire for God’s people to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Holy Spirt. We feel and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life and the only way to the Father. It is our prayer that people who encounter God’s goodness will intake and renew their hearts and minds. So, we say welcome to DHQ, where church is not just church, it’s an experience.

    "Serve God And Have Fun Doing It"

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    Hi, I’m Pastor Harris and I’m First Lady Harris, we are so thrilled that you decided to explore the ministry that God has created for a time such as this. We believe in allowing the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and have his way in this ministry. We also believe that joy, peace and laughter, is an important part of our ministry. This is what lead us our moto:

    “Serve God And Have Fun Doing It”

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